Wedding planning is a wildly ecstatic time. It somehow manages to blend every emotion into a short period, culminating in the best day of your life. I promise: every stage is worth it for the result!

One element of planning that mustn't be overlooked is timelines. Timelines are in place to help your big day run as smoothly as possible with a detailed, hour-by-hour schedule. This will keep things on track, and help you and your wedding vendors remain stress-free, and on time. The good news? timelines also allow you and your beau to live in the moment while the magic swirls around you.

Timelines are also extremely important for us as your photographer/filmmaker! With a solid timeline, we can work with the gorgeous daylight and evening sparkles for the most sublime footage. We always meet with our couples before the celebration to get to know each other and order to chat timelines. We can also happily support you in creating a timeline.

The guidelines below are our suggestions on where to start and from a film & photography perspective the ideal times we like to allow for key moments of your day.


Groom prep: 45 mins

Bride prep: 90 mins

Pre ceremony: 30 mins

Family photos: 15-30 mins

Reception set up (if wanted): 20-30 mins

Wedding party: 30-45 mins

Couple portraits: 45-60 mins

(longer if you want more locations)

Dance floor: 30-60 mins

Groom & Bride Preparation

In general, we typically arrive for the getting ready shots once the bride has their hair done and is starting on her makeup. We prefer that the bride is not yet in her dress so that we can capture that special moment. The same goes for the groom, who can be almost ready in shirt and pants for when we arrive to capture the last details.

When we first arrive we’ll capture your details. It’s helpful to have your dress, perfume, shoes, jewellery, flowers and invitations all together in one area.

Pre Ceremony

We’ll capture the ceremony set up and details and love to document your sweet guests as they arrive. With all the excitement of the day, you will most likely not get to see the ceremony area and details as the guests do when they arrive.

If you have also booked us for film, Ryan will need to be there 30 mins prior to it starting to set up the audio and cameras.


Walk down the aisle with your head held high, and if you’re feeling it stop for a kiss in the middle or at the end, this makes for a lovely photo. Don’t run, we will be walking backwards following you haha!

This is probably going to be one of the happiest times of your day! It’s also a great time for authentic photos as you really embrace those you love, so just ignore the cameras and enjoy your first celebration as husband and wife!

Reception set up

You invest a significant amount of time planning and designing your reception setup, from table decorations to floral arrangements and stationery. Yet, more often than not, you don't have the chance to admire its full beauty and splendour before your guests arrive.

If you've put in hours of effort to create the perfect reception, we highly recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes for us to document it. This allows us to capture it in all its glory, free from any vendors or guests, ensuring clean and stunning shots.

Family Photographs

We recommend 15-30 mins for family photos. Keep your list short, and stick to immediate family. We’ll find the best spot in terms of lighting for family photos, a shady spot works best, it's important that everyone is lit evenly and so no one is squinting in the sun.


Naturally, lighting is a big priority for us! Golden hour offers a dreamy golden glow that is extremely flattering. This time of the day is fleeting and happens during the final hour before sunset and 10 minutes after sunset. So, depending on your ceremony, we will work around your timeline to allow for golden hour portraits.

We will first capture your wedding party, then they can then go back and enjoy cocktail hour, leaving your couple portraits to be in private so you can relax and spend some quality time together.

Party Time

Now it’s time to celebrate! While you are eating, drinking and mingling, we’ll be going around getting lots of lovely candids. It’s great to have the dance floor start early so we can capture all the fun, get creative with the shutter drag dance and creates a beautiful end to your film!

Don't worry

I know it can be very overwhelming creating a timeline, but don't worry we will help you, and we'll be there to support you through your entire journey.